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We congratulate you on the purchase of your Atmos clock and thank you for your confidence. With no battery, electric current or winding, the Atmos clock has been living on air since 1928. Radiating serenity and pure design, it invites you to scrutinize the workings of its gear-trains to try and discover their secret. Its glass cabinet highlights the sheer genius of its mechanism.

We invite you to consult the operating instructions and we wish you great pleasure with your Jaeger-LeCoultre clock.

A virtually perpetual movement

Leonardo da Vinci had already demonstrated that perpetual motion was not feasible – if only because of the laws of physics. But it would have taken more to discourage the researchers. These researchers included the Neuchâtel engineer Jean-Léon Reutter who, in 1928, designed a completely revolutionary clock drawing its power from variations in the ambient temperature. It took yet a few more years of research by our watchmaking firm to transpose this idea into technical reality and patent it.The result came astoundingly close to perpetual motion : the Atmos clock was born.

Its principle is amazingly simple. In a hermetically closed capsule is a gaseous mixture which expands when the temperature rises and contracts when it falls. Connected to the driving spring, the capsule swells like the bellows of an accordion and winds the clock movement up constantly. Between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius, a temperature fluctuation of a single degree is enough to ensure an operating autonomy of about two days.

The Atmos clock is designed so that no excessive resistance opposes this minimum power.The Atmos balance wheel oscillates slowly, its lung breathing in perfect harmony  with temperature variations and its heart beating quietly twice a minute,i.e. 60 times less quickly than that of a traditional clock, 240 times less quickly than a wristwatch movement and 1,966,000 times less quickly than a quartz watch movement.

To get an idea of the delicacy of this minute energy transfer, consider the fact that 60 million Atmos clocks together would consume no more energy than a weak 15-watt electric light bulb.

All the components of the Atmos clock are incredibly precise and dependable, so that it operates virtually without any wear. It is therefore distinguished by its long service life which -theoretically -can be as long as 600 years. Because of the current state of air pollution, however, regular checking and service are recommended.

The Atmos clock reconciles lovers of technical performance and those for whom sobriety of shape or feats of craftsmanship are the predominant factors. In this respect, nothing has changed. No Atmos clock can escape the five weeks of checking and final adjustments which complete the work of the Jaeger-LeCoultre master-watchmakers.

A unique gem of horological technology, the Atmos clock is a timekeeper of distinction for Heads of State and numerous sovereigns, because in this country unique in the world for the perfection of its watches, it is a tradition to offer guests of honour this Swiss horological masterpiece. This has been the case for decades now, and the eminent recipients include J.F. Kennedy,Winston Churchill,General de Gaulle and Charlie Chaplin.