Unique in the world.

Temperature variations are its source of power. Its balance will oscillate as long as the sun shines. Rises in temperature dilate the gaseous mixture trapped in the expansion chamber which then compresses the winding spring. In the event of a fall in temperature, the reverse occurs. The gas contracts and the spring relaxes. This imperceptible back-and-forth motion is sufficient to wind the Atmos clock.

No battery, no electrical power, no winding. Precise and silent.

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Precautions for operation and transport

The Atmos clock is a very high-precision instrument manufactured with technologies such as only the master-watchmakers of Jaeger-LeCoultre are capable of handling.The power needed for this clock to operate is extremely low, which means that your Atmos clock must be placed on a horizontal support that is completely stable (chest of drawers, console, etc.) to ensure optimum operating conditions. Once it has been started, the clock must not be moved : the cabinet or support must be cleaned without handling or moving the clock. If, however, your clock had to be moved, it is essential to block the balance.To do so, push the balance blocking lever to the right up to the thrust stop. Perform this essential blocking operation when the balance stops,before starting again in the opposite direction.

For transport, use the complete original packaging.
For the Atmos Classique only :

Tighten the locking screw under the cabinet; as soon as it is in contact with the balance nut, do an additional one-quarter turn while blocking it with your hand.

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Special instructions for unpacking the Atmos Classique Transparente clock

  1. Open the outer cardboard packing box.
  2. Remove the inner cardboard packing box, taking care with the protective foam.
  3. Remove the start-up instructions placed in the lower protective foam.
  4. Remove the internal cardboard packing box (brown).
  5. Open the Atmos cardboard packing box (bronze).
  6. Remove all the thermoformed foam packaging from the cardboard box, pulling it by the strap. Make sure to hold the strap firmly fastened and closed.
  7. Turn over all the thermoformed foam packaging on a stable surface, with the base facing upward.
  8. Unscrew and withdraw the 2 fixing screws.
  9. Gently turn all the thermoformed foam packaging over to position it on its base.
  10. Release and detach the strap.
  11. Remove the thermoformed foam packaging on the front and rear surfaces, sliding them gently aside.
  12. Remove the Atmos clock from its base packaging and place it on a table.
  13. Follow the start-up instructions.

Important : for any dispatch, use the complete original packaging. If necessary, ask your dealer to replace the necessary parts.

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