Antique French Mantel Clock Overhaul and restoration

We specialise in overhauling French mantel clocks; this is the mainstay category to our restoration service at Gutlin Clocks alongside French carriage clocks.

All French mantel clock movements are stripped and cleaned in an ultrasonic tank with a 7 water to 1 part ammonia mix of special clock cleaning fluid, pivots are then re-polished on an Austrian pivot polishing machine by Rollimat, Next we use a Bergeon bushing tool to re-bush wherever there are worn bearings. We replace all mainsprings with new German ones and finally the clock is re-assembled and tested.

Using the Rollimat pivot polisher and Bergeon bushing machine makes our work quicker more accurate.

If re-gilding is required on gilt bronze French mantel clock cases we always strip the cases to pieces on our premises and give all the parts to our gilders, we then re-assemble the re-gilded case parts back together here at Gutlin Clocks this insures that it gets put back together properly

Regular servicing of French Clocks is important.
This helps to maintain a long life for you clock, to be enjoyed by many generations to come.
We recommend you to have your clock cleaned every 5 years.

Antique French mantel clocks stop because of friction which is caused by worn bearings, rough pivots and dirt, Power reduction is also caused by old worn mainsprings.

Mantel clock repairs