Atmos Clock Servicing, Overhaul and Repair

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Full Atmos Service - £275


Atmos clocks are made by the renowned Swiss company Jaeger LeCoultre. They are a very fascinating clock that do not require winding. They are made entirely by hand and are as high quality as their watches. A temperature change of only 2 degrees F provides sufficient energy for 48 hours. Every piece in the movement of the Atmos is machined to an absolute precision. The minute hand is so perfectly balanced that if a fly could settle on it, it would stop the whole clock.

At the back of an atmos clock there is a bellow filled with ethyl chloride gas, the bellow expands and contracts with the changes of temperature or changes are atmospheric pressure. The in-and-out movement of the bellows keeps the mechanism wound up.  Because of the complexities of the Atmos clock, an Atmos needs a complete mechanical overhaul whenever serviced. An Atmos keeping good time does not need any periodic maintenance. Once an Atmos clock starts stopping it generally means that it needs a Clean and an overhaul, very little amounts of dirt will bring your atmos clock to a stop.

Usually an atmos clock can be serviced and returned back to the customer within 10-14 days’ time frame, the clocks mainly require a clean and a service, occasionally a bellows may have leaked and be defective, i.e. not winding the clock-up.

We use only factory tools from Jaeger Le Coultre to overhaul our clocks and we use only genuine factory parts too.