Starting the Clock

Unblock the balance using the blocking lever located at the front of the clock, under the dial. Lower the lever by pressing slightly while moving it to the left. Make sure you do not touch the balance during this operation. Thus released, the balance begins to oscillate slowly.

Atmos Classique

If the balance remains motionless :

  • Check the level setting.
  • Delicately rotate the balance half a turn by hand, then leave it to resume its own movement by itself.  When the balance is oscillating normally, put the door back in place.Note : never move an Atmos clock without first blocking the balance.

Adjusting the gain and loss

Your Atmos Classique clock has been set in the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking factory located at an altitude of 1000 metres in the heart of the Swiss Jura.  If, after about one month’s operation (one month is still needed to ensure that the balance is completely stabilised), you observe that it is gaining or losing time slightly, you can correct this using the adjusting lever which is located at the top of the movement.

Atmos Classique Page 4 Img2

The table below shows you by how many graduations the adjusting lever must be moved depending on the number of minutes’ time loss or gain on your clock.  In accordance with the information in the table, to correct for time gain, move the lever to the left towards the «-» sign; to correct for time loss, move the lever to the right towards the «+» sign.

Atmos Classique Page 4 Img3

Once you have started up your Atmos Classique clock, avoid touching it. It will operate without any intervention by you, because the Atmos clock simply lives on air.