Carriage Clock Restoration

Mark and John Coxhead have been restoring French carriage clocks since 1994, the two most frequent reasons for an antique carriage clock needing repair are that it has either stopped working altogether, or that it has become unreliable at keeping accurate time.

Many carriage clocks have been running twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, for many or possibly hundreds of years. It is therefore not unusual for some of the clock parts to have become worn, and for them to be in need of either a service, or a repair or both.

During a service simple repairs such as the bushing of worn holes are often required. If any parts of the clock are broken they will be either repaired or replaced depending upon the individual condition of such parts. The original platform escapements are stripped and cleaned in a watch cleaning machine then re-assembled and re-oiled as per necessary.

We enjoy restoring French carriage clocks and are passionate towards maintaining their running and up keep for our customers; we now use English hard bushes for the main-wheels in both going and striking trains to ensure that our overhaul lasts a longer time between servicing Intervals.

In our strive to maintain good timekeeping and reliability once again we always replace the worn mainsprings with new one’s from Germany.

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